Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review: Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow in Frosted Apple and Coffee To Glow & Crystal Eyeliner in Black Star

 Back here with another edition of Essence cosmetics, this time not from the trend editions but the 'permanent' line. Last time I looked at Essence's Me & My Icecream Collection which pleased me but today are two Metal Glam Eyeshadows in Frosted Apple and Coffee to Glow and a Crystal Eyeliner in Get Ready.

 The Metal Glam Eyeshadows ($4.25) are made up of large particles almost to the point of being glittery however the top layer is largely overspray. Frosted Apple is a traditional shade of rosy neutral with gold reflect and Coffee To Glow is a taupe base with silver sparkle. When swatched you get a lot of sparkles and on the eye there is high impact, a bit of fallout and a bit of transparency, but despite that the adhesion, pigmentation and wear time is quite good for such a glittery formula. I prefer to use this over a base to improve the colour coverage and this is perfect for a dramatic night look giving that 'frosted' look.

 Left: Frosted Apple, Right: Coffee to Glow

The Crystal Eyeliner in Black Star ($4.10) is a silver black glitter eyeliner on a clear base. This can't be used on its own as an eyeliner. I have to apply a normal black eyeliner first and then the Crystal Eyeliner on top. It takes a little time to dry but not as long as a lot of glitter liners out there, however unfortunately the brush is not the best.

Left to right: Black Star, LA Girl Mark My Eyes eyeliner, Black Star over Mark My Eyes

Although past experience of Essence's permanent line has been disastrous and I have a special dislike of their eyeshadows (from Me & My Icecream's "Always in the Mint", the Twilight palette "Love at First Bite", or the not so holographic Mystic Lemon) it's a surprising win for these three products. These are cheap but layering is the key to getting the best of these and if you're a quick worker this might not be for you.

You can buy Essence in Australia from Priceline or Target.
Are you an Essence fan? Do you always check the stalls for new products?

Love Porcelaine.

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