Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Glass File at Chemist Warehouse

Anyone recall glass files? They were very popular a year or two ago especially of the Mont Bleu brand. However recently I saw similar glass files at Chemist Warehouse and was interested to see how glass files work and whether this glass file would measure up.  

So here are the glass files brand new. They came in a little slip protector. There were 3 different designs/colours available but I chose this pink one because the faux crystals were quite like the Mont Bleu versions. They costed between $2-3. 

I was particularly wary of glass files on Ebay because I was worried that the quality would be so under par and you never know if they used the right techniques or materials to make the product. Unfortunately my carefulness came to no avail. I used this file to smooth my nails after cutting and quickly found that the outer surface, the rough speckled coating would slowly degrade just from a little filing. This was not the quality I was expecting and unfortunately this was a big dud! I think the pointy end was effective but that wore down as well.

So final verdict? It's definitely a flat out fail! It works to a degree but it should not wear down like this. Having checked out other reviews of the higher end brands the wearing down should not have occurred at all!

Love Porcelaine.

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