Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Holika Holika Owl in #1 Highlighter

Boy oh boy do I love Korean Cosmetics! It's not the first time I've tried Holika Holika and although I had a mixed experience with their Petit Clearing BB Cream I couldn't help but be awestruck by the cuteness that this Owl highlighter I found in Seoul Airport so bought it straight away.

Holika Holika's Owl series is a follow up on their Hello Holika Cat Blushes which were a cult success internationally a couple years ago. There are two owl shades, one a blush but I decided to go for the highlighter. Korean blushes are more on the sheer sparkly side so if you're not into disco balls for cheeks these are not for you!

As usual Koreans love their packaging to be OTT. The boxes are embossed and metallic. The actual product packaging is also embossed in grey and gold on shiny black plastic. What I find unique is the shape of the case because it has an indent where you open it which allows you to easily pry open the cover. It costed USD $17 and although that's cheap a lot of good Korean brands are also cheap.

Inside the same detail can be found. I really applaud the mirror which covers the entire lid. There's a clear cover where the brush sits and protects the pan while prevents dust from flying all over the mirror. The brush it rather more of a token. It's not horrible quality, soft enough. Being that the brush is flat helps for highlighting your cheeks and nose bridge.

The pan itself is a mix of six colours and imprinted. Unfortunately the top layer is overspray but that's not such a bad thing for a highlighter. Most colours are powdery whites and although there's a bronze which could be used as a contour the positioning isn't the best for picking pigment.

If you sweep it all together it doesn't show up any colour, it's more silvery but because of the slight overspray it did turn out slightly sparkly in the photo below. Let's face it, it's a novelty item and it's the owl motif that makes it such fun. You could possibly use the shades as eyeshadows, but as a highlighter or face powder it's an obvious effect.

This powder is still good but I still prefer my Physicians Formula Pearl Face Powder which I consider a HG product. I'm also going to review Benefit's Watt's Up which is a cream highlighter so maybe a comparison is due!

Are you a fan of Holika Holika?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I've had mixed feelings about the Holika Holika things I've tried but this is too cute for words! If I got it I'd never want to use it though, haha.

    1. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to try things and I used to do that a lot but now I think it's better to just use it even if it's too gorgeous to spoil because in the end you're going to miss out and waste it!

      When I was in the airport trying out a lot of famous Korean products I didn't like them as much as I thought I would. In the end I only ended up buying this product in the airport and the other Holika Holika products didn't interest me much.

  2. This is absolutely the cutest highlighter ever! ^^

    1. I agree! It was so hard for me to try this the first time but I eventually dug right in!


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