Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: Vegan Beauty Store

Normally I don't review stores for a number of reason. Most of the time stores give me the standard treatment, or they give me a bad experience which I don't often like talking about. This time I've had a wonderful experience at an Australian online store called Vegan Beauty where I bought one of my favourite products OCC Lip Tars.

I wanted to buy 4 Lip Tars but was looking for competitive prices and found that Vegan Beauty had all 4 shades I wanted. I emailed a couple other stores and their responses weren't that warm, just routine. I emailed Vegan Beauty and the wonderful store owner Veronica replied back quickly with total honesty about what she could or couldn't do and was able to give me a discount valid for a generous timeframe. Not only that but she also helped by including instructions on how to apply the discount in the shopping cart. Now that's going above and beyond when communicating online to a customer. 

When it came to deciding where to purchase I was torn between Vegan Beauty and another store. The other store had express shipping for about the same price but not standard shipping but it was Vegan Beauty's customer service that won me over. To my surprise when Vegan Beauty shipped my package it was sent express and in the email about shipping she included links to her own tutorials for applying the Lip Tars. 

On receiving my shipment I found everything backed beautifully in a box with tissue paper. Included with my 4 Lip Tars in Black Dahlia, Black Metal Dahlia, Batty and Triptych was a free sample of Anita. An enveloped sealed with a sticker lay at the bottom of the box and inside was a company sticker, a business card and a handwritten note on a beautiful card. Everything was wonderfully presented like a gift and the experience was very personal. The only criticism I could mention is that Triptych didn't have it's own pouch.

This is what I miss from the days I used to buy from Indie stores and it's such a shame that today it's a rare find. These days for most customers price is the only criteria no matter how bad customer service is and I think we've got to step back and think the whole shopping experience. Shopping with Vegan Beauty could be summed up with Veronica's sign off, Ahimsa.

Love Porcelaine.

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