Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NOTD: Essence Sparkle Sand Effect Nail Polish in Here's My Number

 In my last post I reviewed Essence's Sparkle Sand Effect Nail Polish in Me & My Lover but this time instead of a girly shade I've gone for a deep and mysterious one instead called Here's My Number!

 Here's My Number is a black base with tiny holographic glitter gleaming shades of silver, blue, purple and green. The overall effect is a charcoal colour. Prices are insanely cheap at just $2.75 and these are part of the 'permanent' line of Essence products however they will probably be discontinued after several months of being released.

In terms of texture there's really no difference between the two shades Me & My Lover and Here's My Number and it's the same rough texture that is quite like sandpaper. I was pretty impressed with Me & My Lover but hadn't had the chance to try Here's My Number on my nails (if you missed it my nails haven't been in good nick so I'm now swatching some shades on nail wheels to give my nails a break every so often) but after swatching I found that I only needed two coats.

 So the verdict has been really positive for both these shades and I've often enjoyed Essence's nail polishes including a multichrome called Where is the Party? and another pretty shade called Choose Me! Though Essence is a European brand I bought these in Australia and have left them behind so I can't wait to try more while overseas for my much missed nail polish collection.

Love Porcelaine.

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