Sunday, February 2, 2014

NOTD: Ludurana Aurora Boreal in Fascinate, Multichrome Nail Polish

Wow! A lot of time has past since I discovered the BEST multichrome nail polishes that I've come across (meaning "Whoops, I forgot to post this!"). The first was Show, which like its name it really does show such an incredible range of colours that has to be seen to be believed! Then Reluz came along and did not fail any blue multichrome lovers with such a contrasting mix. Along with several other multichrome, holographic and mirror effect nail polishes in the same order I also bought a third Ludurana Multichrome called Fascinate

This name doesn't fail to express this nail polish! Full of fire and might Fascinate is a flurry of rusty colours ranging from gold to copper to red and ending in a magenta purple. While not so dramatic as the two predecessors Show and Reluz it still maintains a kick to be envied over by other famous so called multichromes.

Above: A series of photos showing the wonderful colour shift in artificial light

Unfortunately Ludurana's line of multichromes still suffer from really tragic application. Since this is the third one I've tried I've gotten better at smoothing the finish and preventing the strange thickening that always occurs. I always put my Seche Vite top coat which maintains the nail polish for a long time.

Above: Taken in natural light

I'm still not disappointed and I want to try the other few shades left though it does count up being $10 a bottle. However in comparison to high end brands like OPI the Brazilians really know how to make a finish shine!

Have your say! Have you ever been disappointed with a multichrome purchase because of company hype?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Love the variety of colours <3 Poor application is disencouraging, though :(

    1. Although it looks better by itself, putting it over black nail polish definitely helps.


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