Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review: Heathcote & Ivory Wild Daisy & Elderflower Hand Sanitiser (Target)

 The aisles in Target's beauty section has always intrigued me because they have so many in house brands full of floral creams, soaps and other bath goodies!

The Heathcote & Ivory Wild Daisy & Elderflower Hand Sanitiser ($4) was the second product I bought from Target. Since I already had a hand cream I was interested to try the Hand Sanitiser and thought it may be useful for travelling. Being 50ml it would fit in carry on baggage and would also be handy when eating out to disinfect or clean.

I can't account for its ability to disinfect (alcohol is the largest ingredient) so all I can get is faith that the product works. It comes out like a watery gel making it easy to handle and is easily spread on the hand, then disappears due to alcohol just like other portable hand sanitiser lotions. Your hands don't feel dry afterwards probably due to the castor oil and you're left with the refreshing floral scent.

This is really a simple product but still lovely to have and an alternative to bland sanitisers you can get that don't have a scent. I've brought this along for my travels and is helpful to use on impromptu outings and when eating out.

Are you a friend or foe of sanitiser? Do you think they work or are they a waste of money? Have your say!

Love Porcelaine.

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