Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Parafait Pomegranate Hand Cream (Target)

I'm always on the lookout for fresh and interesting scents and when I tried Parafait Pomegranate Hand Cream ($3.99) from Target there was no going back. Though time has passed this has still remained a favourite!

Funnily enough I've sort of given this cream my seal of approval already because when I first tried it (thanks to a friend putting this on and the scent wafting to my nose inducing curiosity whereby I bought it straight away) I added it to my list of reviews and gave it a star of recommendation even though I hadn't reviewed it yet.

And I still love it! While the scent, as wonderful as it is with the fresh fruitiness and slight sweetness, had caught me in raptures the texture of the cream was also beautiful and didn't let me down. It was light, moisturising and when rubbed into my hands didn't impart too much oiliness absorbing right away.

I'm not sure if this product is being sold anymore but I thought it would be of interest anyway because Target often releases these in house lines with similar formulas, themes and scents. The Heathcote & Ivory Wild Daisy and Elderflower Hand Sanitiser (where a hand cream was also available) is an example of the common floral scents used, the similar palm sized packaging and price. I've always found that at least a couple products catch my eye when passing by and these are as great as gifts as it is for yourself!

Have you tried any brands like these from Target?

Love Porcelaine.

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