Monday, March 3, 2014

Ebay Finds: Battle of the Skeleton Hand Hair clips (Kreepsville666 Dupe)

Ebay is usually very good at keeping up with the latest trends but this time it's a obscure fashion accessory that has been given the dupe makeover. Here I've bought 2 different designs and will compare them and see what kind of quality I received! 

Candidate A: Low End Glow in the Dark Skeleton Hand Hair clips
Basically these are plastic with alligator style clips. The good thing is that you can often request a matching pair of one left and one right hand. The quality is fairly cheap and the clips are small and just glued on, the glow is faint unless subject to bright light, but most details are there. I could see this breaking easily after repeated use. It doesn't stay in the hair as well as I'd like so you will need extra help if your hair is slippery or in good condition. There are many different colours and designs available from additional flowers, bows or eyes at the base.

Price: AUD $1.54 for a pair.
Shipping: Free
Key search terms: Skeleton hand hair clips glow
Out of 5: 3.5 = You get what you pay for but the price is truly worth it!

Candidate B: "High End" Rhinestone Skeleton Hand Hair clips
This design comes in a small variety of colours with clear rhinestones or red/black tips and there are a small amount of sellers. I bought a pair consisting of an aurora borealis rhinestone body with blue 'fingernails'. There is only a right hand type probably because of the low production numbers and more expensive technical manufacturing costs. The base is all metal and the alligator clips are larger than the low end version. This also has a problem latching on but because it is heavier it's a bigger issue. I have to tie my hair is a half ponytail and clip these in at the sides. Nonetheless the crystal nature makes it elegant and a real showstopper.

Price: USD $4.99 per clip (around $10 for a pair)
Shipping: Free
Key search terms: Skeleton hand hair clips rhinestone
Out of 5: 4/5 = If it weren't for the price it would get a full score but this is particularly unique.

So even though I have both I do prefer the crystal type mostly because it's one of a kind, interesting and of a better quality. It's also the one that Kreepsville themselves haven't released. In the end it's about what design you like best and there isn't a dud that I would suggest you avoid!

What eccentric items have you bought on Ebay?

Love Porcelaine.

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