Thursday, March 6, 2014

NOTD: Goldfish & Mint with Ulta3's Atomic Oj, Corsican Rose & Precious

 This nail of the day comes from last year after I did a crazy swatchfest with 10 nail polishes.
Out of the swatchfest two colours caught my eye, immediately I thought 'Goldfish!' and was inspired to do this interesting geometric nail art.

 Why Goldfish? The Ulta3 shade in Atomic Oj is such a rich yellow orange and reminds me of a bright goldfish and the Ulta3 shade in Corsican Rose is a minty greeny blue which can lean more green or blue depending how it is paired with but I find it reminds me of shallow waters.

Initially I thought that I could do a real goldfish on my nails over Corsican Rose but I quickly realised that my nail art skills were way under par so I decided to simplify my nail design to just orange segments like a goldfish tail and lined with a metallic gold (Ulta3's Precious which is an awesome gold or silver depending how you use it). The results were a simple but fun design.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I love this color combo. It reminds me of spring and I want actual spring weather to start happening soon, haha!

  2. Yes, Spring has definitely sprung where I'm at! It has jumped like 10 degrees centigrade more!


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