Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Beau Skin Darling Girls Lip Tint in Dark Red Orange

 I'm so excited to bring yet another Korean cosmetics product which secures my love for all things Korean. This time I'll be reviewing Beau Skin's Darling Girls Lip Tint in the shade Dark Red Orange.

'Lip Tint' is the Korean anglicised term for a lip stain and the Darling Girls Lip Tint is just that, a water based lip stain. This shade is a rich red that looks mostly blue based on the lips despite the name being 'orange'. In classic Korean fashion colours are numbered. There are more shades available and I also have two other colours.

I purchased this at half price for 4,000 Won (~AU$4) which is a real bargain. The packaging is really beautiful and reminds me of a lot of high end products like Lancome Color Fever Gloss because of the thick bottle and silver lid. The doe foot applicator is just slightly slanted and straight but is quite big.

 But this lip stain is really good! One coat will give you an adequate stain effect. I usually apply 2 coats and it gives me a very pigmented 'oomph' to the colour of my lips. Even after eating I find that it is still lingering and doesn't just rub off.

Left: 1 coat, Right: 2 coats

The lip stain is matte and needs a couple minutes to dry and although it is watery it's not going to give you any moisture after drying. The trick is to apply it evenly over all your lips and not to press your lips together until they dry so that you don't just get the inner part of your lips stained. This is as good as ELF's Essential Lip Stain without the added hassle of having to throw the whole stain away after 5 days of use.

Above: Residue stain

One specific letdown I had was to do with the image on the box. It depicts a lip gloss and that led me to believe it was a lip stain and gloss combined but that definitely wasn't the case. Because of this if you want moisture you'll have to put it on top of this lip stain. This seems to be a common 'issue' for Korean lip tints since my Castledew Over Setting Tint also doesn't contain lip gloss.

Have you heard of Beau Skin before? Do you like other brands that are not known as well worldwide?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Only $4? Amazing deal! I don't think I've ever heard of this brand before, but I still probably would have picked it up at that price, haha.

    1. Yes, the price is hard to beat but I'm still surprised it works so well!


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